Our Story

GU BEI TE is an internationally operated business aimed to bring the dice lovers and table top games lover luxury resin & metal dice. High-quality & good custom service is the operating standard of our business .

  • Manual Coloring

    Professional hand-painted, the color is accurately controlled and uniform.

  • Oven Drying

    After the metal dice are colored, the color is durable and does not fade after baking process.

  • Manual polishing

    After coloring, fine grinding, make the dice more shiny.

Overseas Warehouse

Except for local warehouses, we have also set up overseas warehouses in United States, United Kingdom, and Poland, etc, which can quickly deliver exquisite dice to every player's hands.

  • Air transport

    Our company supports air transport channels to provide customers with convenient and fast transport services.

  • Marine transport

    We also support affordable Marine transportation channels to provide customers with a variety of transportation services.

  • Parcel Receipt

    We work with local post offices to ensure our customers receive their packages safely and quickly.